Eastern Divide Ultra - 



Results 2018:

Age Group: For reference as no age group awards are given out. 

8 miler
Age group: For reference as no age group awards are given out. 

From The Falls To The Lake

A 50K trail/fire road race through the highlands of  Southwestern Virginia. Point-to-Point race from the Cascades to Mountain Lake. Includes an 8-mile short course race (see info at bottom of this page).

USATF Sanctioned Event
Saturday June 15th, 2019
Giles County Virginia


50K: $75, January 1–May 17
50K: $90, May 18–June 15
8 Miler: $25, January 1–May 17
8 Miler: $40, May 18–June 15

SERIES option:
We have 3 Ultra events in the TrailAdventure series. Save a few $ and sign-up for 2 or 3 at one time.

TRIPLE: Eastern Divide 50K (EDU), High Bridge 50k (HBU), & Old Glory 50k (OGU): $180
DOUBLE: Eastern Divide 50K (EDU) & High Bridge 50K (HBU): $120
DOUBLE: Eastern Divide 50K (EDU) & Old Glory 50K (OGU): $120


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Steve Englund, Race Director
e-mail: trailadventurerunning@gmail.com

Packet Pick-up & Check-in:
Friday June 14th 5:00–7:00 p.m., Walkabout Outfitter in Blacksburg, VA.

Race Day Check-In (required for 50K racers):
6:30–7:00 a.m., Cascades Trail Head/Race Start, Pembroke, VA

Cascasdes Summer.jpg

Course Info:

Racers will park their cars at the finish (Mountain Lake) and be shuttled to the Cascades trail head near Pembroke. The start is along the Cascades Trail and climbs towards the falls. Racers will drop down to the falls and climb back to the top of Butt Mountain. After 4 miles racers leave single track and turn left on the Butt Mt. fire road. This is AS1. The next several miles are rarely used forest roads that are the home to many migratory birds and tall ferns. AS2 is at the crossroads of the Butt Mt. fire roads at Bailey Gap. After AS2 runners travel down hill to Rocky Mt. Road. This road meanders along the back side of the mountains towards Wind Rock. This section offers great views towards WV and the mountains beyond. AS3 is towards the end of this road before you begin your climb to Wind Rock. After AS3 it is approximately 3.5 miles to AS4 and the top of Wind Rock.  The climb is two miles long and is very runnable. After AS4 the course offers four fast miles to the single track of Mountain Lake. AS5 is heavily stocked with friendly faces and food, and marks the beginning of ups and downs, rocks and roots, and fern lined single track. AS6 is just after a long section through a large mountain top meadow. Get through here quick so you don't roast in the sun. There is one last aid station, AS7, that will route you onto the final 1.5 miles. All course roads are lightly traveled and located miles from civilizatoin. Most of the roads are lined with ferns and boulders with large Hemlocks looming above. 

Eastern Divide went cupless in 2018!

In an effort to be more sustainable and be friendly towards the environment, the Eastern Divide Ultra is now a cupless race. All runners will need to carry their own reusable cup throughout the race to use at aid stations. If you do not have one already, you have the option to purchase one of our TrailAdventure cups when registering and it will be waiting for you at packet pick-up.



Cascades Trail Head, Pembroke, Virginia


Contact Mountain Lake Lodge


Parking at Mountain Lake Treetop Adventures Area. Racers are not allowed to leave cars at the Cascades Trailhead.

Shuttle Service: 

Racers will park their cars at the finish (Mountain Lake) and be shuttled on school buses to the Cascades trail head near Pembroke. 


  • King & Queen of the Mountain: $125 to the first male and female to Aid Station 1 (must finish race before cut-offs). 4 miles and nearly 2000' of climbing.

  • Top Male & Female Finisher: $150

  • Top 3 Male & Female Overall and Masters: Local hand made trophies

Aid Stations: 

Aid Stations will be stocked with the following (some will have all of the below, but all will have Tailwind, Water, GELS, Endurolytes): Tailwind, Water, Soda, Electrodelytes, Chocolate, PB&Js, Chips, Granola bars, Fruit (oranges, banans, apples) and more—I hear there is bacon and eggs at AS1. 
Note: All mileage is approximate.
AS1  4 miles (no crew)
AS2  8.75 miles (no crew)
AS3  16 miles (no crew)
AS4  19 miles (drop bag)
AS5  22 miles (6 hour cutoff)
AS6  26 miles (no crew)
AS7 28.5 miles  (water only)

Support and Gear (SAG):

Runners will be able to leave items in a drop bag which will be taken to Aid Station 4 in case any personal items are needed. There will be medical help along the course, as well as at the start/finish areas.


If you wish to purchase event photos a link will be sent out via email, usually within a week after the event. Event photos will be available on the TriAdventure Facebook Page approximately one-month after the race.

Post Race Meal:

A post race meal will be provided at the finish area; catered by Mountain Lake. Expect sandwiches, fruit, chips and plenty to drink.


Follow directions to Mountain Lake.  Once you crest the mountain and reach the Lodge follow the road you are on (Rt. 613) past and through the hotel grounds for ~1 mile.  The road will turn to gravel and start to go up hill again.  Turn right at the top of the hill and follow narrow one lane gravel road to the stables.  This meadow is the finish and your parking lot.  Please park wisely and drive carefully in the meadow.  Shuttle pick-up will be on 613, the narrow gravel road.

FROM I-81: Take exit 118CBA, Blacksburg/Christiansburg. Then exit B.  Follow US 460 for 18 miles West toward Blacksburg/Virginia Tech. Stay on bypass around Blacksburg, past Newport, to right on Rt. 700, Mountain Lake Road. Follow Rt. 700 for seven miles to Mountain Lake. 

FROM I-77: Take US 460 East at Princeton, WV. 460 E, 36 miles crossing into Virginia, past Pembroke to left on Rt. 700, Mountain Lake Road. Follow Rt. 700 for seven miles to Mountain Lake.

FROM RICHMOND, VA: I-64 to I-81 South, then follow the directions above.

FROM WASHINGTON D.C.: I-66 to I-81 South, then follow the directions above. 

 Airport Information:
The closest airport to Mountain Lake is Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport  - (ROA), approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from Mountain Lake. 5202 Aviation Drive, N.W., Roanoke, VA 24012  • (540) 362-1999

Spectators and Crewing:

Spectating is allowed anywhere on the course, however cars are not allowed on the Mountain Lake Trails and Forest Roads.

Crews will only be allowed at aid stations 4, 5, and 7. Race management will provide a 1 gallon Ziploc bag to be used as a drop bag. Drop bags will only be available at aid station 4. Please make sure your number is on your drop bag. Please leave your drop bag at the parking area before you load onto the bus.


The weather in Giles County this time of year is usually sunny and nice with an average temperature of 82 degrees. While the surrounding area below could easily hit 80-90 degrees, Mountain Lake, at an altitude of 3,875', is significantly cooler.


8 Miler

The 8 mile option will allow runners to experience some of the Eastern Divide Ultra without having to run 50K. This course will utilize the final 8 miles of the ultra course, mostly singletrack and lots of ferns. The "short course" is a loop. Runners do not need to ride the shuttle for the "short course".

Start: 10:00am
Where: Mountain Lake Tree Top Adventures area

Finishers receive a medal. Please pick yours up before leaving.