Note: TriAdventure will be providing timing and transition setup at the Bath County Triathlon at Moomaw Lake in Warm Springs, Virginia. Bath County Chambers of Commerce will be hosting and directing this event. 

Bath County Triathlon

June 23rd, 2018
Lake Moomaw
Warm Springs, VA

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Nestled in the western hills of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Bath County Triathlon is hosted by the Bath County Chamber of Commerce. Bath County in itself is a true delight as it is home to natural hot springs (the perfect post race treat for a triathlete’s sore body), plenty of local Bed & Breakfasts and the world famous Omni Homestead Resort. With all this and more, the Bath County Triathlon is a perfect chance to get away from the world, race and relax.

Sprint Fees:

Jan 3-Feb 28: $60
Mar 1- May 31: $70
Jun 1- Jun 22: $75

Sprint Relay Team (2-3 Members):

Jan 3-Feb 28: $120
Mar 1- May 31: $140
Jun 1- Jun 22: $150
*1 price, first person to register pays whole price. 

There will be no Refunds for Any Reason. 

Packet Pick-Up: TBD

Course Info: 

The swim is unique in that it has always been wetsuit legal (odd for a late June affair). Water temperatures range from the low to mid 70’s and the water is as clean as you will find. Lake Moomaw is fed by two pristine rivers creating a perfect swim setting. Current is light and there is no chop to deal with.

The bike course is managed by Royal Elk Park Management and is closed to vehicular traffic. A rolling out and back course, athletes will find a few small hills early and late in the course but in the middle miles it is mostly flat. Road surfaces are good to excellent and there are no turns other than the turnaround point.

The run course is also closed to vehicular traffic and is a bit more hilly than the bike. Again, the worst of the hills come in the first and last half miles, but the view from atop the small hills looking out onto Lake Moomaw and the mountain ranges that bank its shores make the pain well worth it.


The course closes at 7:30am. You must arrive before this time in order to get into the event. 

The Chamber of Commerce goes above and beyond to give our athletes the best racing and post race experience around. With a fully stocked lunch and a serene setting to enjoy after the race this is an event and a vacation you owe to yourself. Come discover Moomaw Madness and the Bath County Triathlon!


For more places to stay and things to do visit:

Thank you to our sponsors as this event wouldn't be possible without you.